The Team

The GT team is a diverse and dedicated group of LGBT and ally professionals whose goals include bringing you relevant, authentic, travel information, inspiration as well as special events and offers across the spectrum of LGBT travel.

Our team spans three continents, four countries and most importantly three generations. Our diversity is our strength.

Charlie Rounds 

Tour guide literally and figuratively …
Charlie’s first tour guide job involved showing 10 year olds how to milk cows while they visited the animal barns at the University of Minnesota. For the next 44 years, Charlie led groups from 20 to 2000 people to more than 30 countries. This included a nine-year tenure as President and co-owner of RSVP Vacations. Charlie is also a recipient of the prestigious IGLTA Hanns Ebensten Hall of Fame Award. Contact Charlie.


Victoria Prisco

Perhaps the stage was set having attended an all-girls grade school followed by Wheaton College, a school for women, but when Victoria embarked on her digital marketing career in New York City under the tutelage of some of the most influential and pioneering women entrepreneurs of the dot com era who founded, the first and largest website for women, it left a lasting and indelible impression. Being a part of this ground-breaking moment in history is what motivates and inspires Victoria today as she continues her journey with  What better way than through travel to carry on the beautiful tradition of breaking down barriers and opening horizons?
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Donald Ofstedal 

In Don’s mind, travel is experienced in 3 stages:  Planning, enjoying the trip, and relishing in the memories…
In 1969, Don took a six-week trip to Europe with his college concert choir.  That trip began his love affair with travel (and singing) and he’s been hooked ever since.  Don built a 30-year career in the travel industry ultimately ending up as the President of the Travel Company of Minnesota for 10 years. He now travels as frequently as possible with his lovely husband, Jerry. Contact Don.


Nick Alm 

Young Traveler, Entrepreneur, recent graduate….
Nick completed his first international flight just two years ago for a 10-day business exchange in Cuba through the Carlson School of Management.  Since then he has become an avid traveler. Nick co-founded The Carlson School’s first undergraduate LGBT organization where he developed a deep passion for advancing conversations about LGBT issues within the business community, specifically the travel industry. Contact Nick.


Kyle Paxman

General Manager, Traveler, Mom…
Her roots are in Vermont – her passion has been to travel. Educated to be an early childhood education teacher, she’s also experienced in hospitality management. She lived on St. John in the USVI for many years as well as Key West, Charleston and Martha’s Vineyard. She has been lucky enough to travel the world. Her love, Southern California, has been home for 15 years.
Kyle has a wonderful partner and together they have a beautiful 3-year-old son. Now, her adventures continue through the eyes of her child, she truly feels blessed. Contact Kyle


Stephen Prisco

From troubled waters to smooth sailing, Stephen did not take the traditional path to success.
Today Stephen is Senior VP of Sales for GayTravel. Raised in Connecticut and living in North Carolina, Stephen plans to move to Florida soon to be closer to the ports! After all, to date, he has been on more than 200 cruises and has traveled the world and back.
Stephen enjoys great music, attending concerts, and of course travel – travel – travel!    No matter where he’s been he always loves to come back home to his beautiful lab named Daisy Mae Rose.
He looks forward to sharing his future adventures as GayTravel’s Cruise Guru!
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Nicole Connell

Good travel, good wine, good friends make Nicole happy! A longtime San Diegan, Nicole has made her home Italy for the last few years and works as GayTravel’s European sales representative.

She is experienced in building successful businesses, she enjoys helping start-ups get off the ground as well as helping companies grow. She loves spending time with family and friends, traveling throughout Europe, enjoys a BBQ by the pool and feels that life is always a vacation when you can live on the water. She looks forward to coming back to the states to share a little wine with her friends as she has now collected over 200 bottles- Amore! Contact Nicole


Summer Snow

Digital Media Strategist, Cat Mama
Summer's passion for travel started at a young age. Growing up in Germany allowed her to travel to many different countries and immerse herself in many new cultures in the 12 years she lived there. One of her most memorable experiences was going skiing in Austria, and instead of using skis, she and her friends used plastic garbage bags to slide down the slopes, stopping at every bar on the way down. The locals were so impressed they gave Summer and her friends a free drink at each stop! 
Summer has been in the digital marketing space since 2010, working for companies like Google and Facebook. She joined the GayTravel team in 2017, and expresses she couldn't be more blessed to work with such an amazing team. In her off time, Summer enjoys spending time with her 17 cats at her cat sanctuary, getting caught up in inspiring conversations with friends, and reading feet. (Yes, that's a real thing. Google it.) Contact Summer


Carlos Maldonado

Digital Media Strategist - LGBT Digital Activist
Carlos started his career in 2008 in Puerto Rico as a Marketer and has always been connected with LGBT initiatives. Before joining, Carlos helped develop the online LGBT magazine  His studies in Communications, Advertising, Business and Public Relations combined with years of experience make him ideally suited to connect with's diverse audience. Carlos is particularly adept at listening to the collective voice of's followers and cultivating their pearls of wisdom for the benefit of all.
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Carey Care

Born and raised in South America, Carey resides in beautiful Key West, Florida. Carey has worked in the hospitality industry and with call centers for many years and is currently the liaison between GayTravel and our travel partners. In his free time, he enjoys the South Florida sun while sailing, snorkeling and kiteboarding! Contact Carey


James Gooch

As a continual seeker and student, James Gooch fervently believes travel to be amongst the universe's wisest teachers.  In addition to recently graduating from West Virginia University with an M.S. in Journalism and an M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications, James also holds a B.A. in English Writing from Concord University in Athens, WV.  After receiving an internship with in 2016, James also began freelance writing for the site, contributing both personal feature stories and travel articles alike.  Now, with university life behind him, he is excited to share his perspective and skills with the community, serving as the brand's Client Liaison.  Understanding that quality communication is essential to fostering and maintaining strong, meaningful relationships, James hopes to bring his various experiences in the journalistic, marketing, and PR fields to the table as he strives to preserve and further's mission toward excellence.  James currently resides in the hills of Morgantown, WV with his husband, Tyler, and their one-year-old chocolate Cocker Spaniel, Winston. Contact James


Niell Talbot

A lifelong Adventurer. Who has circumnavigated the globe many times over, working as a cruise director, photographer, and health and wellness coach. His passion for travel, cultures and people extends to all corners of the world. 
Now he resides in SoCal living the dream with his 4-year boy who serves as his barometer for life. Contact Niell


Sophie Needelman

Sophie first began working for GayTravel while she was home in San Diego one summer during college, and since then has been a part of the GT family on and off for 7 years! She went to undergrad at UC Berkeley where she studied rhetoric and dance and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in education. Sophie has been lucky enough to travel around the world for work and for pleasure and enjoys being a part of a company that approaches travel through an LGBT lens. When she isn't working, Sophie spends time dancing, practicing yoga, and enjoying the San Diego sunshine. Contact Sophie


Steve Rohrlick

A serial entrepreneur, Steve launched his first travel company right out of business school and quickly grew the company into one of the top 100 travel agencies in the United States before taking the company public on the NASDAQ. He has lived and worked in Australia, Bermuda, Guyana, Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands where he also counted the USVI Department of Tourism amongst his clients. His passion for travel was best demonstrated once when running late for a nonrefundable, all-inclusive flight and vacation to Mexico, Steve opted to bypass long-term parking and left his Oldsmobile running at the curb in order to barely make the flight. Steve’s vision for is to become a leading change agent by wielding the power of inclusive travel to tear down prejudice across the globe. Contact Steve


Amerigo Antonio Ricardo

Named after the illustrious Italian explorer, Amerigo Vespucci, 'Ric' has always had a thirst for adventure. Much like his namesake, Ric is an avid sailor whose Shields-class boat is aptly named "Quest."  While Ric's current claim to fame is the esteemed Senior Intern with, he has numerous achievements that span nearly a century (yes, you heard that right - Ric is a nonagenarian).  Ric embodies the qualities of a true Renaissance Man. At a very young age, Ric was granted a lifetime membership at The Art Students League of New York where he studied painting and sculpture with many of the greats such as William Zorach and Nathaniel Kaz. Not just a student of the arts, Ric was also an early adopter of technology -- which helped him bring his mannequin business into the modern era -- a business in the Fashion District of New York City that he took over from his immigrant father. At the beginning of the personal computer era, Ric recalls a time of meeting a very young and enthusiastic Steve Wozniak before his company's meteoric rise. Another epic moment in time for Ric came when he was invited to be the ship's photographer onboard the exploration vessel Nadir that recovered artifacts currently on exhibit today from the RMS Titanic.  Today, Ric mentors the GayTravel team and encourages us to do great things.