Carlos Melia learns Tango at El Querandi Tangueria, Buenos Aires, Argentina .  

Aside from being his favorite tangueria (aka. Tango House) in Buenos Aires, today, once the show was over, He took a private Tango lesson with one of the leading dancers of the famous El Querandi Tango Show. Carlos says "I know I know… Argentinean, Porteño and I do not have a clue on how to dance Tango, shame on me." Luckliy El Querandi Tango has come to his rescue and teach him the basic steps of the native dance.

The class was over an hour , and you learn the elementary steps of this sensual and dramatic dance. This was not Carlos' first class, but he was able to get his hips right into doing the Tango. Carlos says "I can get into the rythm for other types of dance though, wonder why?" Classes can be for an individual or group, they will cater to everyone's needs. And can combined with any of their other dance activities such as Tango Show and Dinner as well as a wine tasting at La Cava. Don’t just watch from the sidelines, be brave and learn how to Tango, same as Carlos did. 

Watch Carlos attempt the Tango in this video



For more information visit in San Telmo, Buenos Aires. 

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