By Paul Coggles
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In 1989, when the curtain fell after more than 40years of Communist rule, the beautiful city of Prague began attracting a largenumber of LGBT tourists. The city, so grey and drab during that period, is nowa riot of color and its fabulous buildings shinebrighter than ever. Improvements in tourist infrastructure began and today restaurantsand bars fitting every budget spring up regularly.  

The city has three absolute ‘must-see’ sights: thelegendary 1000 year old Prague Castle which looms above the city, Old TownSquare and The Charles Bridge which spans the scenic and pleasant Vltava River.  These attractions are just the tip of theiceberg!  There are countless churchesand scores of beautiful buildings of many different architectural styles.  The two old towns, Mala Strana and StareMesto, teem with buildings of historical interest and the latter also features thebest preserved Jewish quarter in Central Europe. 

Prague is extremelyeasy to visit. It’s safe, most places are walkable and there is a cheap andreliable local transport network if you prefer to rest your legs. With theCzech crown now much stronger than it was, prices are not the bargain they oncewere, but you can still get some great value in local restaurants and pubs;beer for example is not much more than 1 euro for a half liter in many places.  

Prague has one of the most vital and lively gayscenes in central Europe, the envy of its fellow former Communist countries tothe east and north.  The scene attracts amix of tourists, expats and locals with a high proportion of attractive youngmen amongst them. There are more than 30 gay establishments including friendly loungebars, Czech pubs, flashy nightclubs, sex clubs and saunas.

Most of the gay bars and clubs are located in the plushresidential district of Vinohrady, just next to Wenceslas Square.  This is where you will find the two largestgay clubs, Valentino and Termix as well as a number of small and friendly gaybars within easy walking distance of them. 

A second area centered around Friends bar in theOld Town and including a number of cool cafes, is also worth a look.

The Lesbian scene is much quieter and less developed.  The only bar where lesbians predominate isJampa Dampa.  Girls are welcome in allbut the erotic bars and many establishments have special lesbian nights orparties.   

The Czech Republic is a liberal and tolerantcountry and even approved same sex partnerships just a few years ago. 

If you’ve wanted to visit and continue to put it off, thisis the year to go!  August 10 to 14 Praguewill host its first Gay Pride.  A slew ofgreat events are planned including a march through the city, a huge party and concert.  In short, the Mother of Cities is open andproudly wearing all colors of the rainbow! 

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