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Gay Travel Acapulco

Acapulco was the first, and remains the most legendary, Mexican resort town. Families have been flocking here for generations, and jet-set Hollywood celebrities, from “Tarzan” Johnny Weissmuller to Elizabeth Taylor, built the glamour to a fever pitch in the mid-20th century. Acapulco is a tourist town, with 75% of the population somehow related to travel. So the majority of venues cater to the visitor, with a small local gay clientele appearing on some nights. Acapulco has long been known for its nightlife, and a recent flurry of activity has brought more gay-oriented venues into the mix.

Acapulco Gay Scene

Acapulco has all of the key components to be a gay travel hotspot: Hollywood history, a banging nightlife, cheap drinks and a gorgeous bay with deep blue water. Because of this, the city is experiencing an influx of gay nightlife options that will sure to dazzle and delight! The older part of town is known as “Tradicional” or “Nautica” and features the boardwalk, town square and more mid-tier hotels. High-end hotels cluster on the south end of the bay, where a car or taxi is necessary to get around.

There are more options than ever in Acapulco for staying out all night, a perfect complement to the daytime languor that has been here for centuries: white sand beaches, parasols and margaritas await the intrepid gay traveler! Moons nightclub is “the original pop club” in Acapulco, and hordes of revelers take it over every weekend, with go-go dancers writhing to the beat on strip poles. Down the block, Savage brings a taste of Vegas showgirls to their drag performances as muscled men shuffle to thunderous techno music upstairs at Demas. Shurakk is a relative newcomer, competing against the single owner of Moons, Savage and Demas, to revive a bit of the glamorous feel to the local gay scene. Drag queen/nightlife king Tito Vasconcelos’ Mexico City empire has expanded to Acapulco with the recent opening of Cabaré-Tito Beach as well.

Local Tips and Tricks

The weather is also warm year round, with humidity being the only differentiation. The summer months are the wet season, with June through October bringing often-torrential rains and nearly unbearable humidity. Even though prices will be higher, stick with the winter months, from December to April, when there is very little rain – and no risk of hurricanes!