Gay Taveuni

The third largest island in Fiji, Taveuni has long been known as the “Garden Isle,” home to lush rainforest, unique flora and fauna, and endless white-sand beaches.  There is a volcanic ridge that runs down the center of the island, with heights reaching nearly 4,000 feet on a land mass that measures just 25 miles long and 6 miles wide!  Easily accessible by connecting flight from Fiji’s main airport, Taveuni offers what many would call a “vacation from your vacation.”  Luxury resorts, small private rentals, and offshore yachts are the order of the day, which works just fine when you’re looking to escape the crowds.  Set in the blissfully calming South Pacific, a visit to Fiji means an opportunity to embrace local cultures and customs while relaxing in five-star comfort.  With temperatures averaging 82 degrees year-round, it is always time to indulge!

The Gay Scene in Taveuni

View the Gay Scene in Taveuni