By Ryan Haynes

I've not spent long enough in Kolkata to get to the heart of the gay life, nor touch the gay night life, but on initial inspection it looked sparse.

My usual connection grounds of Facebook were blank, Grindr delivered little except maybe 5 people within 100km, but while chatting I discovered that if you're going to GO GAY here in Kolkata you need to be switching on Planet Romeo, or Gay Romeo as it's otherwise known.

Download the application on your Smart Phone and within seconds it will start bleeping like it's never bleeped before.

There are no bars, you have to wait for an invite - and these events, event the locals state - are few and far between. There was one advertised on Planet Romeo itself while I was here, however I missed it due to pre-planned activity.

But a few words of advice
- Meet gay kolkata indians in a safe-space
- Most gay kolkata indians do not have their own place, so need to travel - and be discreet
- If going to a gay party, be aware, keep valuables safe as pick-pocketing is expected
- They all seem a little eager
- WiFi is HARD to come across, it's not freely available, and there are FEW WiFi networks here.

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