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Gay Travel Celebrity Gurus Davey Wavey, Bria & Chrissy, Princess Joules and Duane Wells just enjoyed an incredible fun-filled few days in Las Vegas and are now off on their next adventure. Their Las Vegas videos will be popping up on GayTravel.com in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. In the meantime, don't miss a moment of their incredible trip. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

It is with great pleasure that we present the 2015-2016 Gay Travel Celebrity Gurus. In years past, Gay Travel Guru has been a competition – an attempt to find the next gay travel star. But this year, we thought we’d shake things up a bit. We set out to find some of the brightest stars on YouTube and send them out around the globe to do what they do best — entertain you.

In the months to come, we’ll be bringing you videos, blog posts, photos and more from their many adventures around the globe. Check out the talent we’ve rounded up below, and if you’re a destination who is interested in having a guru visit you, click here to find out more info.

In the meantime, kick back and enjoy Davey Wavey, Willam, Bria & Chrissy, Princess Joules and our entire roster of Gay Travel Celebrity Gurus. Make sure to join our Gay Travel VIP list for chances to win free vacations, prizes, receive discounts, and so we can keep you "in-the-know" of all the excitement that lies ahead!

2015~2016 Celebrity Guru's

  • Davey Wavey
  • Aaron & Austin Rhodes
  • Bria & Chrissy
  • Princess Joules
  • Willam Belli
  • Janelle Eagle
  • Mark Vogler
  • Carlos Melia
  • Duane Wells

Davey Wavey

With more than 225 million views in 160 countries around the world, Davey's YouTube channel is the largest and most-viewed LGBT-themed channel on YouTube. Davey's 2 million social media followers and 825,000 YouTube subscribers follow his globe-trotting adventures and often-viral videos. Creating more than 50 videos with more than 1 million views, Davey has become a leading voice in the digital LGBT world. Check out Davey's YouTube channel here!

The Rhodes Brothers

After coming out of the closet through a viral YouTube video in January, 2015 which accumulated more than 17 million views, twin brothers Aaron and Austin Rhodes appeared on The Ellen Show, signed a contract with Disney and were written into Ryan Murphy's new show, Scream Queens. Check out the Rhodes Brothers YouTube channel here!

Bria and Chrissy

The most viewed and most-followed lesbian couple on YouTube, Bria and Chrissy have a knack for creating viral content and daily video blogs. In total, Bria and Chrissy have nearly a half million social media followers including 300,000 subscribers on their main channel and 100,000 subscribers on their daily video blog channel. Check out Bria & Chrissy's YouTube channel here!

Princess Joules

Bravely using her channel to chronicle her physical transformation from male to female, Princess Joules discusses fashion, beauty and issues that are relevant to the transgender community. Her largest demographic is transgender individuals, and Princess Joules has accumulated more than 300,000 social media followers including 230,000 YouTube subscribers. Check out Princess Joules' YouTube channel here!

Willam Belli

The most popular drag queen on YouTube, Willam's biting and irreverent humor has become her trademark. There's never a dull moment with Willam, and her 900,000 social media followers and 385,000 YouTube subscribers love her for it. Check out Willam's YouTube channel here!

Janelle Eagle

Janelle Eagle is an avid traveler and TV Producer based in West Hollywood, CA. A published travel writer and proud board member of Jewish LGBTQ non-profit, JQ International, she also spends her free time doing advocacy work and community engagement with marginalized communities around the world. Janelle's favorite travel locale is the beautiful country of Nepal where she has had the pleasure of working and living three times. She is currently volunteering her time and fundraising expertise on earthquake relief efforts in the region. You can follow her journey on instagram @journeywithjanelle and on her website journeywithjanelle.com

Mark Vogler

Mark Vogler is a travel writer and photographer with over 30 years of international travel experience across 50 countries and all seven continents.  A former TV and internet executive, after nearly 10 years in International Business, Mark returned to his roots in Wine Country, joining Fosters Wine Estates to develop their online wine business in the Americas, bringing with him his expertise in ecommerce, online marketing and social media marketing. In 2009, looking to merge his love of travel and wine with the gay community, he founded Out In The Vineyard, an experiential Wine Country Event and Travel company, promoting positive LGBT lifestyles and offering exclusive, luxury itineraries and events in Wine Country for the discerning gay traveler and our friends. Mark enjoys many different travel styles including urban, adventure, luxury and budget, cruise, polar and loves to discover and share hot spots in the Middle East, South American, Asia, Europe and cold spots in The Arctic and Antarctica.

Carlos Melia

The world of luxury travel is Carlos Melia’s playground. Renown luxury travel advisor, travel blogger, concierge, hospitality consultant and wedding planner, after more than 25 years of mainstream and gay travel experience, Carlos is considered the "Little Marco Polo." 

Duane Wells

Duane Wells is a luxury lifestyle curator, travel writer and frequent contributor to a clutch of distinguished print and online publications around the world. He also helms his own eponymous website (www.theduanewells.com) where he regularly shares reviews, insider tips and insights about the most exciting luxury destinations in the world along with the very finest attributes those destinations have to offer across a fashionable catalog of topics that includes hotels and spas, restaurants, shopping, entertainment and off-the-beaten path tourist attractions. From the best martini in London to Stockholm’s trendiest design boutiques to the most exciting nightlife options in Tel Aviv, Duane has staked out the best of the best with a little help from celebrities like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Hudson, David Beckham and Jackie Collins along the way. A resident of Los Angeles, Duane is currently toiling over a number of projects including a travel reality series and a long toiled over novel, Heaven or Hell, Darling?

“Gay Travel Guru” Destinations

Bria & Chrissy in Puerto Vallarta

Bria & Chrissy in Puerto Vallarta

Our Gay Travel Gurus Bria & Chrissy venture to Puerto Vallarta for Vallarta Pride 2015 and show you where and how to relax and find the adventure in gourgeous Puerto Vallarta.

Princess Joules joins the AIDS/LifeCycle

Princess Joules joins the AIDS/LifeCycle

Gay Travel Guru Julie Vu (Princess Joules) hits the road with the AIDS Lifecyclers (including fellow guru Davey Wavey) for 7 days of fun, fast pedaling and a story you're going to need tissues to watch. 

The Gay Travel Guru Story:

Gay Travel launched a nation-wide search to find our first Gay Travel Guru. Nick Vivion was chosen from among thousands of applicants by YOU to be the first Gay Travel Guru, and he set the bar very high by bringing us along on his amazing travel adventures throughout North America. Here’s an endearing video from Gay Travel Guru Season 1 of Nick Vivion in “The Big Easy” (New Orleans) with AMC’s 'Mad Men' star, Bryan Batt Hazelnut.

Gay Travel Guru went global! Our charming Gay Travel Guru Season 2 winner, Bryan Kosarek traveled the world to exotic destinations and his shared life-changing, and memorable experiences with us.

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