The onboard programme

En route to Fashion Week New York, passengers are enjoying an exclusive fashion show on board a Boeing 747-8. The popular New York fashion designer Rubin Singer is offering a preview of his women’s collection before the actual Fashion Show in the Big Apple. The catwalk is high above the Atlantic Ocean.

Lufthansa air hostesses’ uniforms are also influenced by fashion trends. In a further fashion show the Lufthansa crew will model the look of the past 60 years. And in tune with this retrospective, the jumbo jet has had a 70s-style facelift. Every passenger on flight LH 400 from Frankfurt/Main to New York today is taking part in this unique event – irrespective of booking class.

Flight guests will see the influence that trends in fashion have had on the uniforms as a Lufthansa crew will model a fashion retrospective of the past 60 years--from the beginnings of commercial air travel with propeller machines to the jets of the present day. And it is not just fashion that influences the uniforms of the flight attendants, but also the destinations. So guests are seeing not only a uniform for the tropics but also a traditional Japanize “Yukata”. Dirndls are also worn on board when it’s Oktoberfest in Munich. And you’ll recognise the names of some famous fashion designers when it comes to the traditional uniforms.

Source: Lufthansa 

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